Monday, 31 October 2011

Fawn of the Dead

Ohh man these images from Planet Blue's latest campaign really make me wish we celebrated Halloween more than once a year!... Enjoy!

Remember ..Remember the 4th of November


From Thursday it will officially feel like Christmas is upon us when the RED CUPS hit Starbucks with their Christmas festive mouth pleasing treats!

Racey Racer

LOVE these low arm hole racer back vests !

Happy Halloween

Sunday, 30 October 2011


This Halloween a few of the girls from work headed to Pizza East to play Halloween musical bingo. It was Topshop VS many other fashion brands and it was an amazing night.

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Graceful Grace turns 70!!

Creative/fashion Director of American Vogue turns 70!

Anna Wintour devotes nearly her entire editor’s letter in April’s Vogue to creative director Grace Coddington who turns 70 next month. Although the film The September Issue suggested great animosity between the two fashion editors who began working at the magazine within days of one another, I guessed the “rift” was exaggerated to create cinematic tension. Wintour’s letter, which gives a glowing review of Grace’s work and character, would indicate I’m right.

“She always has a human being at the core of the photograph,” Wintour muses about Coddington’s respectful treatment toward the models she styles. Rather than objectifying, she hints at the person inside, and her scenes are filled with romance, whimsy, and innocence. Grace herself is so private that her birth date remains mysterious even in this age of instant Google access. It’s only because of Anna’s letter than we can narrow it down to the month of April. What a wonderful opportunity to enjoy enduring images from “the world’s greatest living stylist”!

Some of Grace's highlights

Thursday, 10 March 2011

The dip is still hip....

This season again at London Fashion Week there was a huge hair statement. From bleached ends, dip dying, shaved and undercuts looks like this hair trend will be around for some time.

This trend was heavily helped by the Dalston BLEACH Bar setting up a pop up Salon in Topshop's Oxford Street Flagship store for the duration of fashion week. Bleach had fully booked appointments as london's daring fashion pack queued up to get bleached.