Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Our Kate Moss Final Mainline Collection

So most of you know by now I work on the Kate Moss buying department in Topshop

Last night, Kate Moss hosted a shopping extravaganza at our Oxford Circus store to celebrate the launch of her final mainline collection! Kate's fans were out in full force - queuing for hours to make sure they didn't miss out on their favourite pieces.

There was so much excitement in the air - all anyone could talk about was what they were going to buy. To no-one's surprise, when we stopped to chat to a few of the girls in the queue, it was the pansy print dress from Kate's Iconic collection that was at the top of their wish-lists.

As the Kate Moss area opened in store and Kate posed for photographs, the party really began! There was a huge surge of excitement in the air as girls ran to their favourite pieces and snapped them up to take home.

It was a great evening and an amazing way to celebrate Kate's final mainline collection.

Proud day :)

Well done TEAM MOSS!

Sunday, 31 October 2010

Thursday, 21 October 2010

age doesnt matter....or does it

Willow Smith , the 9 year old daughter of Will Smith has caused a massive stir in the media after releasing a music video a such a young age, I don’t see how its any different from Will letting his son act in films alongside him.
I actually think the video still shows Willows youth as the video is really fun and colourful and shows scenes in school.
Then again Beiber Fever swept the nation when Justin came on the music scene at only 13 years old.
I say good luck to Willow she has a really strong grounded family behind her she could definitely give this years X-Factors contestants a run for their money!!

Saturday, 16 October 2010

Working at ITV in the fashion Dept on This Morning

Last week I worked at ITV in London on the daily TV programme This Morning. I loved it, it was a really intimate atmosphere and everyone was lovely and I got to meet a few celebs aswel :)

Holly and scofe

The dressing room

The green room

I had such a good time and would love to do it again

Monday, 4 October 2010

Great fashion blog to follow

John Allan fashion blogger.. saw him around at London Fashion Week


If you want current... interesting and brutally honest fashion stories /pictures and information ...check it out

Mine and Pippas work used by Allsaints :D

One of my friends tagged me in a picture on Facebook and it was one of mine and Pippa’s 3rd Floor images being used on The Allsaints press page, this image is viewable to 167,000 people which means our work is really getting out there.

I am really happy they chose one of our images to represent their brand

They have even stamped there logo on it

What a good start to the day

Saturday, 2 October 2010

These boys are Ah-mazing !

After an amazing time at London Fashion week, dashing from show to show wearing inappropriate footwear for the cobbles of Somerset House, I came across some extremely talented people. London fashion week has become the essential starting place for many up and coming young talents in the fashion industry.

They were some of the best dressed people I had seen and the fashion press went mad for them….I had to know more…

The first was Patrick Cs Church, I first spotted him bopping away to the music in the Charlie Le Mindu show, after the show ended I saw him numerous times looking ever so fashionable around the courtyard of Somerset House. I got in touch with him and discovered he was an amazing emerging artist. By looking at Patrick it was clear that he was a creative at heart, just by the way he wears things. Studs, rips and holes, Patrick’s look makes imperfection become a picture of unique perfection.

Patrick’s art work involves a highly evocative and emotional response to his autobiographical life experiences. He incorporates a true yet bluntly honest observation on life, events and emotion.
I think the images are beautifully graphic and raw demonstrating true emotion and passion thrown together so abstractly onto a canvas. ‘I feel art doesn’t have to be pleasing to the eye.’

It is obvious when looking at Patrick’s artwork that the messages portrayed are really personal to and the canvas’s emulates what he as a person is all about. ‘I wanted to tell a story that wasn’t so nice to tell but I got through it and I think it shows in the work so far.’ The art is a combination of abstract human forms and faces with true feelings and messages sprawled across them like an emotional graphic self portrait.

I have included some of Patrick’s stunning work

Check out more of Patrick’s work here:

Secondly was Andrea Merlot, I noticed him straight away outside the shows before they started. Every one of the fashion paparazzi wanted a picture of Andrea and everyone of his fashion week outfits were stunning and he ended up on every website covering London Fashion Week including Vogue.

Andrea is the founder of fashion label and brand ‘Ah-mazing’. This brands mission is to emphasize the artistic side of fashion in a world where consumerism and capitalism have almost accomplished to "destroy" the true meaning of art and Andrea decided to try and do something about it with the help of some of his favourite designers, artists and friends whose artwork he has always admired. ‘Ah-mazing isn't meant to be just a brand like many others, it's meant to be a life-style, a way of being and thinking. It's a cue to look at fashion in a whole different way and to get the world to understand that fashion is not just a synonym of "labels" but there's more to it.’

Patrick and Andrea have formed a collaboration and a strong friendship through Andrea’s label ‘Ah-mazing’. Meeting just last year at Milan Fashion Week they instantly formed a strong connection. The collaboration is a series of garments from Andrea’s label that incorporate Patrick’s artwork within each piece. Patrick admits that Andreas is one of his main inspirations due to being brave and bold enough to do his own thing which gave Patrick the drive and self confidence to really push his art work.

Both Patrick and Andreas at London Fashion Week

I just can’t wait to see what the future holds for these two…but with out a doubt what ever it is its going to be BIG.

Check out Andrea’s label Ah-mazing here:

And his Blog here:

Monday, 20 September 2010

Me papped at London fashion Week

Day 2 outfit- Papped by Tesco

Day 3 Outfit- Papped by emergingfervour.com

Monday, 6 September 2010

stud me


I all ready rock holed tights

so I may try this look with suspenders

If you haven't already seen Jamie Perlman's moonlighting creation - TEST , you need to get on it ace ap.
A ravishing presentation of images and moving film, the online magazine doesn't adhere to issue layout and is more fluid.
She uses a brilliant array of stylists photographers and the finish of the website as a whole is slick. Super slick.

This Week I WANT

These Nails
To eat these sweet treats
I guy to mean this
To be able to walk in these
To rock rainbow hair

Saturday, 21 August 2010