Thursday, 25 February 2010

Sorting my life out

5 things I did today:
-I went to Uni for a magazine meeting
-I spent hours flicking through blogs and magazines for shoot inspiration
- Ate a palma ham, rocket baguette in PrĂȘt to cure a hangover
- I got distracted by far to much Television…… Skins, Katie Price, Glee
-Booked off lots of paid holiday at work today ( hello ££)
-Spent to long on the phone …even though I have run out of minutes

things on my to do list:
-Look for models for editorial shoots
-Smile more this week.
-Apply for some fashion internships.
-Email all contacts/designers to source clothes for 3rd Floor editorials
-Read the ever growing pile of magazines in my room … I swear I have no time anymore

4 of my guiltiest pleasures:
-Biscuits at the moment ….Chocolate fingers, Hobnobs… a pack of biscuits replacing meals is not good
- Spending hours looking on Topshop, Asos….planning my new wardrobe
-Wasting my time on my phone ….texting , bbm and long phone calls ,big distraction!!
-Dream of things instead of try to realize them.

5 random facts about me:
-I love day time television
-I sometimes wish I was a heroine who leads a live full of adventure
-I am way to shy sometimes ….and other times I don’t know when to shut up
-I am a very hard worker
-I find it hard to rely on other people…if you want something doing …do it yourself

The most exciting thing is in less than 70 days I will have finished uni and the adventure begins <3

but for now


This image sums up my average day of uni work...pjs...shit food....laptop


  1. Great blog and great read, good luck finding internships!! we'll definitely be back. Come follow us too if you fancy! Have a good weekend and enjoy choco fingers, mmmm! xxx