Monday, 17 January 2011

freshly baked ...YUM ASHISH FOR TOPSHOP

It is Detox month, so it is also the month most people end up vowing to never bother to fake a Detox ever again, and Ashish has captured that sentiment perfectly in the latest capsule range for Topshop.

As of Wednesday 12th January, we can all buy sportswear pieces inspired by junk food, with illustrative jumpers and t-shirts convincing us once and for all whether we really are sweet or savoury (just kidding, obviously it’s savoury. Every time.)

Ashish said he was inspired by the idea of what to wear to go to the gym to make a workout more light-hearted. Actually, it’s kind of a motivational plan- do this, and then you get to eat THIS..unless you turn on those depressing calorie counters that show how many hours it actually takes to undo a Mars bar sin..then it’s just cruel, Ashish.

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